What Joel's Doing Now



What Joel's Doing Now



Red Rex

At Steep Theatre

By Ike Holter

Directed by Jonathan Berry

Joel will be playing the role of Adam

A small theater company moves into an abandoned Chicago storefront. Led by their adventurously thirsty artistic director, they embark on an explosive new play with the hope of finally breaking it big. When the ensemble realizes their source material might not be as original as once assumed, they are thrust into an intense confrontation with residents of their new community, who not only want them out, but will take their story back by any means necessary. Red Rex is the sixth play in Ike Holter's seven part "Rightlynd saga", which also includes Exit StrategyProwess, and The Wolf at the End of the Block.


A Number

At Writers Theatre

By Caryl Churchhill

Directed by Robin Witt

Joel will be understudying the role of Bernard

Set in a strikingly familiar future, this ingenious and illuminating twist on a family drama examines the idea of individuality and the very nature of identity. Staged in WT’s Gillian Theatre by Chicago director Robin Witt, the WT production will reveal the emotional core of this gripping play, drawing audiences into its intriguing dystopia as it asks fascinating questions about the morality of actions that might just be taking place tomorrow…


The World Without You

A Feature-length Film

By Dan Pulick

Directed by Damon Shalit

A family gathers for the one-year anniversary of their son's death, a journalist killed on assignment in Iraq.

To be released in 2019.